If you have had a loved one who recently passed away, we can assist you with settling the estate.

Probate has essentially two purposes: to extinguish claims and to transfer title.

There are steps that need to be taken immediately, such as admitting the will to probate, conducting and inventory, and having the personal representative appointed to serve as the Executor/Executrix of the Estate.

There is also a provision for opening the safe deposit box and proceeding to inventory the contents of the box.

It is important to proceed within time frames set up by statute.

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Probate is a proceeding brought to approve a Will, and appoint the executors to execute the provisions of the Will.  A living will manefests your decisions regarding your medical care should no longer be able to expresss yourself due to a psychological or physical inability.  Robert J. Slama P.A. represents clients both in the will and living will creation process and with the probate of existing wills.

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