Do I have a case?
You may have a case if you have been injured due to the negligence of another.  To set up a free consultation, you may call us at 904-296-1050 or email our secretary Lorrie by clicking here.  Once we know the facts of your case, we will explain your rights and options.  Please view separately the information on this site entitled "Do I have a case?"  There is additional and important information for your consideration listed there.

Is there a time limit to file my case?

There are time limits on all cases.  Depending on the circumstances of your case, the time in which you must file a claim or a lawsuit will vary.  Many people have heard of the "Statute of Limitations", which creates a time limit in which a person must bring suit after an injury.  These limits vary depending on what kind of case you have. In Florida, there is a 4 year statute of limitations.  If there is a death involved (wrongful death), the statute of limiations is 2 years.

What do your services cost?

Our consultation is free.  If we accept your case, we only get paid an attorney's fee if we succeed in recovering money for you.  In personal injury cases, our fees are based on a percentage of the amount we succeed in recovering for you.

Is it possible to settle out of court?

Most cases are settled before trial.  Some cases can be settled without a lawsuit, others are settled during the lawsuit or even during the middle of the trial.  Whether a case can be settled or must be tried depends on the circumstances of each case.  The decision as to whether or not you wish to settle is ultimately up to you, but you should know that there are often circumstances that do make settlement a better option.  Our job is both to advocate for you and to inform you of such options.

What can I expect?

Initially, you will continue to treat until you reach MMI, which is essential to crossing the threshold.  At that point, if you have a permanent impairment rating to the whole body you will have met the initial requirement for filing.  You will also be handling your expenses and managing your life until you can get a settlement.  This is a difficult time-period if you have no income coming in, or reduced to the income of your spouse only. 

PIP benefits will help you with loss of income, medical bills, and pain management.  However, it is up to $10,000.00.  It is important that you manage this money before the benefits are exhausted.  In addition, the insurance company can request and IME or independent medical examination of the insured.  After that IME, they can stop paying benefits because they believe the benefits are no longer reasonably necessary. 

It is so important to have representation and sound direction of how you are going to proceed with your case.

You cannot go back in time and try to correct the problems caused if these initial weeks are mismanaged.  You only get one shot at recovery, we've got you're back.

Call us TODAY at 296-1050.

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