A Law Firm Dedicated to Helping Families.

The Law Firm of Robert J. Slama, P.A. is dedicated to helping families with all their legal needs.  We practice in the areas of Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Personal Injury, Probate, Civil Rights, Not-For-Profit and Churches.  For over 15 years, we have assisted the Jacksonville Community by providing a full-service law firm for families, not the rich and powerful. 

Today, families are struggling to make ends meet.  We understand.  We can help you with all of your legal needs!  We are able to assist you with divorce related issues, custody, and time-sharing, as well as deal with bankruptcy, mortgage, and foreclosure issues.  This experience allows us to represent you in Federal and State court and save you money and time.  We have represented hundreds of clients and I believe we can help you too.

Our consultations are free and we have staff to help you as your legal needs arise.

We have evening appointments available.

Call today for a  consultation at 904-296-1050 or Click Here to send an email.

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