If you are in the military and are seeking divorce, you should consider several things before proceeding.  First, you should obtain legal representation as the issues in a military divorce are frequently affected by Federal law and administrative law. 

These issues such as the Survivor Annuity Benefit (SBP), disability benefits, COBRA, TRICARE, medical benefits, retirement (10, 15, and 20 years), and an array of issues require careful consideration. 

Once the final judgment is entered, you cannot go back and revisit the issues contained therein absent narrow exceptions, such as a 1.540 motion to set aside and vacate the final judgment due to intrinsic fraud or mistake.

As a former Captain in the United States Army, I understand the issues facing military families and the unique needs of military families. 

Call TODAY to schedule an appointment to discuss your family's issues and to help provide solutions to the problems that concern you.

If you are the spouse of a military servicemember, you must know your rights and proceed to protect your rights.

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