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Remember detention hearings occur the following day at 1:30 p.m.

If it is a weekend, the detention hearings are held in J-1 or are bound over for hearing the following week.

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The laws regading Juvenile Defense is similar to the adult process, but it is different in many material aspects.

For example, there is no bond.  You must proceed by seeking the release of the child at the Detention Hearing.  After your child is arrested, the child will be brought before the Court the following day at 1:30 for detention hearings.  The State will be represented by a prosecutor and I will appear on your behalf and seek the child's release.

The Court considers the scoring on the Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI) and if the child scores for secure detention the Court can keep the child in custody or release the child to the parents on a less restrictive form, which includes home detention.  If the child was arrested for a misdemeanor (not including domestic violence) he should score for straight release or home detention.  If it is a felony, such as a third degree, the Court must consider if there are aggravators which will score for secure detention.  If the child scores more than 12 points, he will score for secure detention.

If the child remains in custody, the court will schedule a trial within 21 days as required by statute.

If the child is released, the case will be passed for a pretrial and/or arraignment. 

We will request discovery and begin our investigation of the charges.  You will receive a copy of the documents we receive and will proceed to vigorously defend the charges, with input from you.

The court will permit us time to investigate and then set the case for trial, which is nonjury. 

If the child is convicted or pleads to the charges, the Court will request the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to consider staffing for commitment or for a nonresidential commitment.  There are many options open to the Court and the sentencing hearing is an important part of the case.

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