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If you have a minor child who was arrested, you have a procedure to follow in order to gain the child's release.

Unlike an adult, the child does not bond out.  There is a risk assessment instrument (RAI), which is completed by the Court.  If your child scores for secure detention, the child may remain at DDC until trial.  However, we have successfully gained the release of many juuvenile clients since 1996.

The court will require the Child's appearance and that of the guardian while the case is pending.  The State aggressively pursues these cases and we will vigorously defend the case. 

I have tried over 30 juvenile cases to verdict in juvenile court including weapons charges, school battery cases, fraud, theft, misdemeanors, felonies and sex cases.

You should note that criminal traffic offenses of juveniles are handled in adult court--not in juvenile.

If you have received a criminal or civil traffic citation, we can represent you and help you with your defense.  It is important to move quickly.

We will request the hearing and in many instances we can resolve the ticket without points.  Also, your presence may not be required in most instances so you will not miss work.

Our fees are reasonable depending upon your driving record, the offense charged, and the circumstances.

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If you have been arrested for a DUI, you have had your license taken from you.  You are permitted to drive for a period of 10 days based upon the ticket--it is a temporary license.  You must file for administrative review within 10 days or your license privileges are revoked for a period of time.  We will file for administrative review and your license privileges will continue until resolution of the issues at the review hearing.

Next, we are seeking to obtain discovery from the State of Florida.  We will file a request for discovvery and upon receipt provide you with a copy.  We will proceed to schedule depositions and litigate all suppression motions, and related motions such as a motion to dismiss as the facts permit.  We vivorously defend DUI's as the State of Florida aggressively prosecutes them. 

If you are convicted of a DUI, you may face jail time, a suspension of your license for 6 months (or more depending upon priors), receive fines, perform community service, and attend drug and alcohol screening and counseling.  If you are convicted or plea to the charge, you will have a criminal conviction! 

We will travel to the scene and review it, video tape the area, and photograph the areas listed in the report. 

We also will obtain discovery related to the Intoxilyzer breath alcohol testing device.  When you went into the BAT room, there is a video taken that is only preserved for 30 days or less. We obtain the video, and all the testing reports and regular maintenance reports on the instrument used by the operator to take your blood alcohol level (BAL).  The crime is driving with a breath alcohol level of more than .08 BAL.  However, the machine is actually computing a breath alcohol level by first computing your blood alcohol level.  This is where the problems always begin--that BAL is being derived from wha the machine believes your blood alcohol level is and converts it using a partition ratio.  That is why if you look at your BAL it reads .08g/210L.  210 liters is the equivalent of 105 2 liter bottles.  Did you possibly blow that much in that machine?  It is a conversion that leaves the instrument to determine breath alcohol based on a blood alcohol equivalent.

If you had your blood drawn, we will vigorously pursue that as well.  We will go to the property room and review the storage of the blood.  You should note that the blood is not at all preserved by refreigeration.  After the blood is drawn, the officer will put the blood evidence into the property room.  From there, it will be sent to FDLE in Orlando, Florida and placed in refrigeration until it is tested.  Thereafter, it will be returned to the property room.  If you are arrested by warrant, your blood has likely been sitting in property unrefrigerated for a period of time until you were arrested.  That time is important as blood evidence degrades.  We will hire a blood expert to test the blood and review the file for problems with the results.  We also depose the FDLE expert upon motion to the court and seek to determine the proper or improper handling of your blood.

A DUI case is a complicated case and must be vigorously defended. 

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The initial actions taken by a criminal defendant are vitally important.  If you have been arrested, you should obtain counsel at the earliest possible time.  Now that the state has arrested you, what should you expect?

First, you should consider planning your defense.  The Court is going to control the schedule and determine, with the attorney's input, how long this case shall remain pending until it is resolved through a plea or trial.  In a misdemeanor case, speedy trial is 79 days.  In a felony case, it is 180 days.  In most instances, the court is pushing the parties to resolve these cases within that time frame.  Nonetheless, you have to complete discovery and learn what the State of Florida knows about your case.  This includes depositions, reports, witness statements, interviewing other witnesses that were not listed by the state, preparation of an alibi defense, and the like.

Also, we will waive your appearance for all future pretrial proceedings so you can remain at work!

We will meet with you and share alll of the evidence that we receive from the state, and obtain your input into the facts and the defense.

We provide a vigorous defense and have tried to verdict over 40 criminal cases, including DUI's and life felonies. 

Mr. Slama has served as an Assistant Public Defender, an intrern in the United States Attorney's Office, a federal judicial law clerk, and has handled matters to the United States Supreme Court.  Having been a member of the Florida Bar since 1992, he has been involved in important litigation at all levels, including serving as a lecturer on DUI's.

If you've been arrested, we've got your back.  Cal us TODAY for a  consultation.

In the criminal court, things are not at all as they seem. I remember as a young assistant public defender, I thought the first time I had an innocent client, the system would jump in to help rectify the wrongful arrest. What I learned was shocking and to the contrary. The system fought me harder than ever! The criminal system operates much like human nature--it doesn't easily admit mistakes or acknowledge wrongdoing.  That is why you need a vigorous defense and the experience to meet the charges head on.

Over the years, that view has not changed. I have represented people who have been overcharged (that is charged with more than what they did), charged wrongly, and in other instances the police used what are called "cover charge" to arrest someone when they use excessive force or other misconduct.  Only recently, the Times Union reported an officer who admitted to filing a false report--a cover charge to insulate his illegal conduct.

In each instance, you need a vigorous defense. Do not assume the system will purge itself of its wrongful conduct.  In the medical world, they describe what is known as the "golden minute." That is the critical time following injury that can determine the overall possibility for recovery. And so it is in criminal defense. When you have been arrested, you are in the golden minute.

Don't wait.  Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, felony, juvenile offense or Violation of Probation, I can help. Call today for a  consultation at 904-296-1050 or email our secretary, Lorrie here.

Payment plans are available. 

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