Every other Wednesday, the Law Office of Robert J. Slama appears on the morning show with Theresa Ross and discusses an issue affecting families.  The discussion has been focused on the financial meltdown and related issues such as HAMP or the Home Affordability Mortgage Program, child support, relocation, bankruptcy, mortgage issues, and other such topics.

Listen on thursday from 8:00-9:00 for this engaging ministry and educational broadcast. You may also listen to Mr. Slama on WCGL AM 1360 as Co-Host of a Christian Call to Action which airs on Tuesday at 4:00-4:30


Each Wednesday afternoon at 4:45 to 5:15 you can hear Robert J Slama, Co-Host, of the Christian radio program A Christian Call to Action on WCGL AM1360 providing family ministry to the citizens of Jacksonville. 

Currently, the series being taught on Wednesday is Making Disciples--a Spiritual Journey to Discipleship.  A recent study by Daycenter at New Orleans found that of 44,000 churches, 9 out of 10 people described their spiritual status as a plateau or declining.  Equally significant, 41% have stopped growing, and 21% have backslidden. 

The story of Nehemiah and how in our modern times, we too need to repair the breach in the wall.  The wall is not of bricks and mortart, but instead it is the spiritual outer wall that has been penetrated.  The enemy can strike at will and the fortress that once existed stands in ruins. 

We have the analysis and the spiritual formulation for the job--Nehemiah and a group of workers repaired a badly destroyed wall in need of repair. 

Listen each Wednesday for A Christian Call to Action.


The Cross Walk of Jacksonville is our firm's efforts to bring the Gospel message and cross to the citizens of Jacksonville.

We have taken the cross to the streets with the help of the local churches.  In March, Pastor Robert Wallace participated and walked with his chruch and several friends to evangelize in the streets near Lem Turner and Edgewood.  We have joined in partnership to provide ministry and assistance to the families of Jacksonville.  This walk includes a showing of The Cross: the Author Blessit Story. 

If you would like to be involved in future walks, please call me today at 904-626-4901.


Each year since December 2000, the Law Office of Robert J. Slama, P.A. working with Prudential employees and St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Youth, have donated their time  to helping the children of local families to celebrate Christmas in the shelter.  When we first started, there were approximately 10-12 chidlren in the shelter at Christmas--now there may be as many as 100.  It is our individual responsibility to reach out to each other and to help families in tough times.  The firm motto is: "A little is a lot if God is in it."  Each year we provide 50 or more gingerbread houses which are decorated by the children.  A polaroid picture is taken and given to them to remember the house and to send to a loved one.  The children love it and we enjoy doing it.  This December we will be back again bringing Christmas to the little ones, just as it should be.  A quiet Christmas, surrounded by love, and of course, gingerbread houses decorated by children.

Mr. Slama was honored this year to be a judge for the shelter's annual Christmas Card Contest.  Each year a child's drawing is selected to be the Christmas card used to fundraise for the Christmas Project.  For more information on how you can help the shelter, simply visit the website at  The staff led by the Executive Director Audrey Moran have done a wonderful job and continue to provide for the needs of Jacksonville's families.  The winning card and video is also available at  

If you wish to participate either in person or financially, please call us today at 904-626-4901. 


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